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Custom Athletics

Custom Rashguards & Fight Shorts for the company brands and gyms/schools

INCREASE the exposure of your academy today with some with some custom fully sublimated rashguards.

Our prices include: DESIGN X MANUFACTURING X SHIPPING to any academy in the continental US.

Starting at $25.00 x 60pcs - we guarantee top quality cut and fit.

All rashguards will come with your academy logos in full color sublimated within the fabric, no more peeling, no more fading!

Contact us today for a free quote or at 210-461-7201.

How it works:
1. Design the rashguard and/or shorts and order a sample.  Sample price is usually $60 for 1 piece and $30 for additional design samples.
2. Receive sample and confirm your approval.
3. Place final order.  All orders must be pre-paid and please allow 25-30 days for product arrival.

Products we've made

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