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1.  What is the MatShark Tournaments?  MatShark Tournaments is BJJ/Submission Grappling tournament company that follows the IBJJF Style of Tournament.

2.  What is the difference between MatShark Tournaments and the MSL?  MatShark Tournaments follows the IBJJF style tournament format in regards to points with single elimination divisions, where as the MSL is a submissions only tournament using the round robin format.

3.  What elimination format does the MatShark Tournaments use and why?  MatShark Tournaments uses the IBJJF Style Format with Single Elimination Divisions and matches are decided by submissions, points (position points), or at times by referee decision.  This allows for competitors to not only work on submissions but also to work on advancing to a better position and gaining points on an opponent due to improving one's position.

4.  How many Divisions can I register for in a MatShark Tournament?  A competitor can register anywhere from 1-4 Divisions, usually in Gi, No-Gi, Absolute Gi, & Absolute No-Gi.

5.  What if I am unable to compete or show up to the event I registered for?  We understand that life does happen (it happens to us as well) and you work very hard to earn your dollars. In the case of illness or injury or for some reason you just can't make the event, we will offer a credit to the next event.  Full refunds are only offered in extreme and on the case by case.  We work on the honor system and try very hard to bring an elite experience to our competitors, so please help us keep it that way.

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